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B2B Digital Branding

B2B Digital Branding


How to get the most out of online channels to support demand generation.

In order to successfully acquire leads, you need to strategically plan, manage, and
update the online channels where your brand has a presence.

Did you know?

  • 80% of customers research and frame a perception of your a company before interacting with you

  • 38% of users will STOP interacting with your website if the layout is unattractive

  • 23% of revenue increases when a consistent brand presentation exists across all platforms

  • 220% more leads come from long landing pages than those with an above the fold CTA

  • B2B companies that blogged 11+ times per month had almost 3X more traffic than those blogging 0-1 times per month

Source: Forbes


Five Areas of Online Presence

Your Website

Your website does not need to be complex or fancy to get your message across. It does however, need to be easy to understand, have a modern design, distinct positioning, intuitive functionality, clear call-to-actions, and SEO-friendly.

Surprisingly, for many B2B SaaS companies focus on a quality product but miss the mark when trying to attract the right buyers. Often prospects and customers become confused and frustrated when trying to find the basic information on a company website.

Elements of a great website experience:

  • Design - A modern vs dated site impacts the level of trust a prospect has in your brand. The more dated, slow, and unsecure your site is, the less likely a prospect is to consider your product and business as a solution to their problem.

  • Positioning - What do you do, who do you do it for, and how are you better? These are the questions that the content on your site should answer in a clear and compelling way.

  • User Experience - Your site structure should support a clear and easy flow of information collection for both prospects and customers visiting the site and the search bots that are crawling and indexing your site.


social profiles

Social profiles are an extension of your online brand. Good brand profiles are consistent with the company’s style guidelines, they are regularly updated, and they show the human side of a company.

It is critical that you show personality and character using your social profile. Dry, business-speak does not support a successful social strategy. Instead, show humanity on social accounts. Use the profiles to expose the world to who your company is, the people who support the product and services and have fun with it.

And, if you get comments or reviews. Always respond no matter if they are positive or negative.



Publisher Distribution & Syndication

Publishing great content to your site and social channels does not build an audience on its own. A network of publishers and distributors of your content are a critical piece of any successful online presence and content marketing strategy.

This is why we focus on finding relevant and trusted distributors of content for our clients. By creating relationships with industry publishers to distribute our client’s ideas and content establishes credibility and increases reach.

Distribution and syndication also supports establishing your brand as an idea-creator and industry leader, which furthers your company’s reputation and confidence in your products and the problems you solve for customers.

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review sites & directories

Monitoring your brand’s presence on product-review site is important and often overlooked. There are number of sites that collect product descriptions and reviews without the involvement of the brand. A few examples are G2Crowd, Capterra, and Glassdoor.

These sites show up in search results related to your brand and prospects and customers use the information on these sites to support their product research. Companies must build and maintain an accurate database of where your company is listed and perform a quarterly check of product descriptions, reviews, and any inconsistencies.

The purpose of review sites is for current and past clients to share their experience regarding your product and service. It is important to be sure that your listing has at least five reviews. We encourage clients to request reviews from their current customers. Prospects are looking for peer-to-peer insight and external review sites are a great way to share the positive experiences your customers have.



Content Marketing

Is Content still KING? …Yes!

Content marketing is almost a superfluous phrase. At this point any marketer that isn’t doing content marketing, isn’t marketing. Consistent idea sharing and education through publishing valuable content increases brand awareness, loyalty, and ultimately, revenue.

As marketing experts we encourage all of our clients to publish articles on a regular basis (no fewer than twice a week) that provide insights and education to their target market. The content we work with our clients to produce is our marketing currency and can be used across email, social, advertising, news sites, and direct mail to further engage with prospects and customers and to drive business.