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B2B Lead Generation for SaaS Companies


There are endless ways you can use marketing and sales to drive lead generation, but what will yield the best results for your business?

If you’re not doing content marketing, you’re not marketing. Below are a few tried and true tactics that we find effective specifically for SaaS companies.


Website optimization

Your website is often the first impression that a prospect has of your company and you need to guarantee it’s a good one. Simplicity and functionality are key; if the site visitor can’t figure out the value in your product within seconds of landing on your page, you’ve already lost them. To start, a clean and simple homepage that is mobile friendly, loads quickly, and displays only relevant information with intuitive navigation is essential. Small details can make a huge difference and clear the path to conversion for leads.

Check out our blog post for more details: When Less is More: How to Build a Simple Website that Converts.

Thought Leadership

Not only is thought leadership important in lead generation but for every stage of your brand's growth. Thought leadership taps into the experience, talent, and passion within your business to create authoritative content with the purpose of inspiring and capturing leads. Thought leadership can take many forms including blog posts, videos, templates, ebooks, case studies, interviews, events, and more.

Not all thought leadership content is created equal and your company’s product is only one part of the equation. Real thought leadership takes place when you offer your point of view, express an opinion, or share insider or expert level knowledge. Your content needs to serves a purpose for your leads and allow what’s unique and memorable about your business to shine through. Why are you telling this story and who will care?



For B2B businesses, webinars are one of the top qualified-lead generators. As an integral part of thought-leadership, webinars leverage your internal experts to engage and connect directly with your market where you can educate, build trust, and capture new leads. They bring your content to life and are a great way to kick off the beginning of a relationship.

Hosting a webinar can be intimidating at first and you need to take certain steps to ensure that your webinar is showing your business in a positive light. Careful consideration needs to be given to the topic and your unique perspective on it. You need to be prepared, stay on topic, tone down the self-promotion in favor of providing value, and leave your webinar participants with something of value.

Find out more about webinar services.


Live chat

Savvy marketers are moving from form-pushing to engagement. In recent years, live chat has emerged as more than just a customer service tool, but as a reliable way to connect with and generate leads. It allows you to interact with leads at a critical time, to answer questions that might have gone unanswered with a personal touch, and create a clear path to conversion. Live chat also gives you access to vital customer information that can inform you on how to improve all interaction with leads.

A huge plus for live chat is that it’s easy to set up and integrates with existing systems. But before you add live chat to your site, you need to make sure you have someone to manage it. If you’re not sure how to get started, we’d be happy to lend a hand.

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email nurture program

We’re all about building relationships at Think Better and it’s a central reason why we enjoy B2B SaaS marketing so much. It’s not a quick and simple transaction, it’s a long-term relationship that requires nurturing. We find that email is one of the most effective channels to nurture both leads and customers. If you’re unsure about the effectiveness of email, check out these stats:

  • 74 percent of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications through email

  • Email marketing has an average ROI of 4,300 percent

  • 66 percent of online consumers made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message

With the right tools, an email nurture program can gather qualified leads from an engaged pool of prospects and move them further down the decision-making funnel. Nurturing can also be used to solidify your position as a trusted partner and strengthen your brand.