Think Better Marketing


Account-Based Marketing

Our team prepares and executes Account-Based Marketing for clients To:

  • Drive pipeline by supporting sales and increasing close rates
  • Focus resources on engaging with the buying team in target accounts in the software space
  • Coordinate personalized marketing and sales efforts to create opportunities with targets

The project is usually laid out in three phases:

Preparation and Research

  • Determine channels for promotion
  • Understand the target market
  • Prepare the sales and marketing teams

Content Creation and Execution

  • Define campaign goals and pipeline expectations
  • Draft emails for each member of the buying team
  • Draft follow-up voicemails and emails for sales team to use
  • Advise Sales Ops to guide the assignment of account owners and set up automation triggers
  • Advise Sales Ops to create triggers for LDRs and Account Execs
  • Advise Sales Ops to set up campaign tracking
  • Set up channels to support the campaign

Measurement and Adjustment

  • Monitor and measure campaign-originated pipeline
  • Monitor and measure email performance
  • Implement improvements to messaging and create additional support materials
Andrea Steffes-Tuttle