Think Better Marketing


Marketing & Sales Alignment

We work with your sales and marketing teams to ensure that everyone's rowing in the same direction to:

  • Set clear expectations and achieve sales targets
  • Create efficiency and measurement across the sales and marketing teams
  • Establish a cohesive growth team that will make your business successful

A marketing and sales alignment project is typically laid out in four phases:

Preparation and Research

  • Understand the existing sales and marketing organizations
  • Analyze the use of the current systems 
  • Research the sales process and sales cycle
  • Identify gaps and areas for improvement 

Sales & Marketing Process Improvement

  • Define sales process
  • Define a marketing qualified lead
  • Implement lead scoring
  • Fill gaps and improve efficiency with automation
  • Align Sales CRM reporting with sales process

System Optimization

  • Marketing automation system clean up
  • Sales CRM system clean up
  • Marketing automation and CRM systems alignment 

Education and Expectations

  • Define marketing contribution model
  • Create documentation of new systems
  • Educate and train sales and marketing teams 
Andrea Steffes-Tuttle