Think Better Marketing



The Think Better TEAM PREPARES AND EXECUTES reactivation Campaigns FOR our CLIENTS IN AN EFFORT TO:

  • Re-engage and nurture lost customers, old opportunities, dormant contacts, or passive customers to drive sales
  • Scale marketing activities efficiently and affordably
  • Establish automated systems that will continually drive business

A reactivation project is typically laid out in four phases:

Preparation and Research

  • Understand the target market
  • Analysis of existing contact opportunities
  • Determine channels for promotion
  • Prepare the sales team
  • Analysis of existing contact database
  • Determine channels for distribution

Content Development

  • Outline timing, messaging, and delivery
  • Write and create supporting emails, landing pages, posts, etc.
  • Set up content workflow and distribution

Systems Configuration

  • Set up campaign measurement
  • Ensure conversion tracking is configured
  • Activate triggered internal and external messages
  • Prepare the sales team


  • Activate the campaign
  • Monitor and measure
Andrea Steffes-Tuttle