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I Love Live Chat

In 2014, Jonathan and I launched a business, Mobility on Demand. Inspired by an idea that Jonathan had, we developed and started selling a deck of cards that provided instruction for mobility exercises, targeted at CrossFit athletes.

As the marketer of the team, I set up the basics, website, email marketing, the blog, social channels and kicked off a few campaigns to drive sales. I obsessively watched my campaigns bring people to our website, monitoring Google Analytics Real Time to see where people landed and how they moved through the site. Every time someone left without buying a deck, I cried a little. I was left asking the questions, "What are they here for?" "Why did they leave?" 

It occurred to me, pretty quickly that I might be able to answer those questions by installing live chat on the site. So I did. After installing SnapEngage on the site, I immediately started getting inquiries from people visiting the site. I was able to answer questions that would have gone unanswered about things like shipping, format, discounts, etc. My ability to answer these questions, in the moment my visitors had them, made life easier for them, provided me more information, and usually increased the likelihood of a sale. It was a huge win. I had a clearer understanding of my prospects, my visitors were able to connect with me, and I was making more sales.

This experience made me a chat advocate. I've instituted chat programs at companies I've worked for and for clients I've worked with over the past few years and each time I've seen a positive impact on lead generation and sales. So, when I was asked to present at SnapEngage's Chat Up Conference, I was thrilled for the chance to share my experience. 

The core of my presentation is to encourage marketers and businesses to connect with people when they are looking for connection, to treat them like humans, and to do good work. 

You can see my presentation below and if you ever want to talk chat strategy, shoot me a note. Or chat me - I love to talk chat!


Andrea Steffes-Tuttle