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Three Stages of HubSpot Data Cleanup and a Trello Board!

Data maintenance. It’s not always as fun as creating a powerful marketing campaign but it is just as important.

According to HubSpot, “Bad data costs companies around the world $3 trillion per year.” I don’t know about you but that is money I would rather keep in my budget.

You might have the most interesting, earth-shattering content but if you don’t know who you’re sharing it with, or you’re sharing it with the wrong people because you haven’t scrubbed that data in a while, your content may fall flat.

At Think Better, we break data cleanup in HubSpot into three stages, clean-up, de-dupe, and organize. Depending on your database size this can take some time, but trust us, it’s worth it.

We recommend that you involve your whole team in the cleanup effort, both for efficiency and accuracy. It’s unlikely that a single person will have the background information or available time to perform this cleanup on their own. Instead, involve the account managers, salespeople, and other important team members in the project to help ensure clean, reliable, usable data.

Below is an overview of each stage. Be sure to check out our Trello Board template to put these steps into action.


The clean-up stage of data maintenance includes the basics of ensuring that all of your key HubSpot properties are up-to-date and accurate. It’s tedious but it can mean the difference of an email arriving in an inbox or not. Here’s a list of data to look at to start your cleanup project. 

  • First and Last name formatting

  • Phone number formatting

  • Email address formatting

  • Lifecycle stage mapping

  • Lead status assignments

  • Source validation

  • Contact owner validation

  • Standardize job titles for better segmentation

  • Company association

  • Create lists of bounced, unsubscribed or low engagement to remove them from communications to improve your deliverability 


With HubSpot’s built-in tools, you can pretty easily de-dupe contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and products. Here are a few great resources on HubSpot de-duping to guide your approach:

These are important steps to take to ensure your audience that you are taking the time to get to know them. Prevent your team by sending Suz and Suzie the same exact communication to the same email address. 

Organize and Strategize

Here’s where the good stuff happens. This is the time that you consider your buyer’s journey, the content you publish, and your audience. Create workflows that segment your database and use the HubSpot score to guide your contacts along their own personal journey. 

Commit to following the guidelines I’ve outlined on a quarterly basis and you can expect a more engaged database and better marketing performance. 

The Benefits of a Database You Can Trust

  • Improved email deliverability

  • Improved sender scores

  • Increased engagement with your content

  • Improvement in marketing campaign performance

  • More leads

  • Better sales opportunities

  • More accurate reporting

Taking the time to clean your data provides certainty and resolves the question, “Can we trust our data?” 

There’s no better day than today to start your cleanup effort. Kick off your project with the HubSpot Data Cleanup Trello board.

Suzanne McKee