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Top 5 Characteristics Your Next Marketing Hire Must Possess

We have found that the most critical elements to a successful hire lie within the person and not always the credentials. So, what should you be looking for in a marketing professional that goes beyond the resume checklist and ensuring they know how to structure a lead nurturing campaign?

Tactical initiatives can be taught, but these 5 personal characteristics are crucial to your next marketing hire:


Your marketing department needs to be led by innovative thinkers who are willing and empowered to think creatively. In an evolving world, those with an entrepreneurial mindset will take your business to new heights and ensure that you get noticed by your customers.


Successful marketers always remain curious. They crave more knowledge about the industry they are working in, their customers, prospects, and the processes and tools that they employ to do their jobs. People who are continually learning and exploring new opportunities create engaging and effective marketing strategies and programs.


The marketing team should continually be the team you look to for solutions. A successful marketer doesn't let the problem bog them down but enjoys putting the puzzle together to solve it.


Organization is essential in the face of constant news cycles, never-ending content, ever-changing customer journeys, and the 24/7 connected consumer.


Your star marketing department is one of accountability. They know the goals, are willing to test different methods and analyze the results impartially.  

Marketing casts a very large net and there are many different personalities that will perform well. Selecting talent that embodies entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity, solution-based thinking, organization, and accountability will ensure that you’re adding a successful new marketer to your team.

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Suzanne McKee