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Why Co-Branding Rules

In this weeks roundup, we explore the benefits of co-branding partnerships, how to activate Google Alerts to keep you in-the-know, tips for creating great content, and B2B trends in 2018.

13 Examples of Successful Co-Branding Partnerships (And Why They're So Great)

You’re never going to be the only brand on your customers’ minds, so you might as well partner up and create a co-branded partnership to further your reach. Check out some examples of how co-branding works.


How to Set up Google Alerts (and Use It to Grow Your Business)

Keeping track of every brand mention all on your own is impossible. That’s why Google Alerts exists. Track mentions related to your business so that you can identify opportunities for brand building, link building, co-partnerships, and more.


Five Ways to Create Great B2B Content

Five years ago we barely used the term “content marketing” but now it’s widely accpeted as a critical differentiator and necessary step to succeding with marketing. Here are some tips to ensure the content you’re putting out is top notch.


Four B2B Marketing Trends in 2018

With constantly transforming trends, B2B marketers need to keep on their toes and adapt their techniques. In 2018, marketers are seeing more of a focus on customer lifetime value, data analytics, consumer engagement, and social media.


Andrea Steffes-Tuttle