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Does Email Marketing Work on Gen Y?

In this week’s roundup, we dive into crafting communication for Gen Y, tips for the best mobile experience, how to win at social media, creating content that gets noticed, and the impact of GDPR on digital advertising.

Should Retailers Pick Email Marketing to Engage Gen Y?

Generation Y is another name for those born between the 1980’s and the turn of the century. This group comprises an enormous marketing opportunity across many industries. But what kind of marketing communication grabs their attention?


6 AMP Tips for Optimized Mobile Experience

Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) back in 2016 to create a better mobile experience. Here are six steps that will ensure your site has a mobile experience that makes the cut.


Want to Win at Social Media? Here's What Followers Want, According to Experts at SXSW

There’s only one thing consistent about social media; it’s always changing. A panel of experts at SXSW hash out different ways marketers can stay on top of social media and give users what they want.


How to Create Content That Stands Out and Gets Results 

We hear all the time that content is key. But how is it that marketers are still missing the boat on content ROI? The Marketing Duct Tape podcast interviews Garrett Moon, the CEO and co-founder of CoSchedule, to get some answers.  


How GDPR Will Impact Content Recommendation Engines

It’s impossible to open your inbox without getting bombarded by updates related to GDPR. Its not hard to believe that its impact has already been felt around the globe. See how this legislation will impact digital advertising.


Andrea Steffes-Tuttle