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Go Head-to-Head with your Competitors

In this week’s roundup we look at going head to-head with the competition, strategies for attribution modeling, how to post less with greater success on social media, and recent account-based marketing trends.

The Right Way To Challenge Your Competitors

There’s a myth that all great products sell themselves. Even if your product is better, your audience will never know if you don't have the right marketing message. See how Intercom went after their biggest competitor to prove their product’s worth.


3 Strategies Anyone Can Use to Attribute Success Beyond the Last Click

If smaller businesses want to succeed, they need a different set of metrics to evaluate their success and outsmart their larger competitors. Here are three strategies you can put into action and ensure you don’t oversimplify your attribution modeling.


How Posting Less Frequently on Social Media Will Get You More Traffic

We’re not use to hearing that less posting can get your more traffic on social media, but it’s true.  If you post sloppy content, social media sites could bury your posts. Quality, and not quantity, is rewarded.


Account-Based Marketing: the Most Lucrative Market At Your Fingertips

This article from Marketo covers some recent trends in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) that you can’t afford to ignore. ABM has proven its effectiveness, but it can only be truly successful if both marketing and sales buy-in and work together as a team.



Andrea Steffes-Tuttle