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When Hard Work & Grit Pays Off

In this week’s roundup, we explore the importance of hard work and grit, free tools to accurately measure twitter influence, the best emails of 2018, and influencer marketing for B2B.

You Can’t Get the Return Without the Investment

Patrick LaBauve, the Marketing Strategist for USA Today network, gives us a few good nuggets of marketing knowledge on the Carnage Podcast. Listen in to hear him discuss the importance of hard work and grit, education for the next generation of marketers, and being upfront with clients.


A New, Free Tool to Determine the True Influence of a Twitter Account

Are you still using the number of followers as a metric for Twitter influence? Rand Fishkin explains why that’s a bad idea and gives us a free tool for a more accurate way of measuring.


Examples of the Best Email Marketing Campaigns of 2018

SendGrid put together a great list of winning email campaigns. See who’s rocking enticing subject lines, on-point personalization, creative copy, eye-catching branding, and more to get inspired.


How to Jumpstart Business Growth with B2B Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is often associated with B2C marketing but recently B2B brands have started to gain traction. Get the run-down on effective ways of using influencer marketing to grow your B2B business.


Andrea Steffes-Tuttle