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Podcast: Account-Based Marketing for Better Results

At Think Better, we’re all huge fan of podcasts so we were excited when Amy Metherell, host of Inbound Back Office, invited Think Better founder, Andrea Steffes-Tuttle, to be a guest on her show. They got together to talk about a topic that we have a lot of experience in; account-based marketing.  

A few years ago, Andrea noticed an overall decline in the results for inbound marketing and content marketing. She went looking for what was next in the world of marketing and discovered account-based marketing.

So what is account-based marketing and is it right for you? Andrea explains the ins-and-outs of account-based marketing, who it works best for, and how it takes additional time and effort but is totally worth it.

Hear it from Andrea yourself and listen to her interview on the Inbound Back Office Podcast.

Susan Evans