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Is It Time to Revamp?

In this week’s roundup, we look into revamping your digital marketing strategy, how Bumble gets more app downloads, best practices for B2B content, and using social media to boost your next event.

Four Signs It's Time To Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy

When do you need to give things more time and when should you throw in the towel? Check out these signs for when it’s time to rethink your digital marketing strategy.


Why Brand Awareness is Crucial for Bumble’s Marketing Plan 

Need some advice on how to get more people to download your app? The Daily Carnage Podcast interviews Morry Mitrani, Bumble’s Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, on their marketing strategy. Morry digs in and gives us some tips on what really matters when downloads are key.


5 Best-Practices B2B Content Marketing Strategies to Implement Right Now

It’s important to recognize the difference in B2B and B2C content marketing strategies. Entrepreneur explains the differences and gives some tips on how to do things right.  


How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

Do you have a tradeshow or conference coming up? Social Media Examiner explains how social media can help promote your event and keep it top of mind for your audience.


Andrea Steffes-Tuttle