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5 Strategies to Create Social Consistency for Your B2B Brand

Social profiles are an extension of your online brand. Effective profiles are consistent with the company’s style and writing guidelines, they are regularly updated, and they show the human side of a company.

It is critical that you show personality and character on social. Dry, business-speak does not support a successful social strategy. Instead, show that you’re human. Use the profiles to expose the world to who your company is, the people who support the product and services—and have fun with it.

Brands are looking to differentiate themselves and maximize the impact the social media. We have some recommendations—5 to be specific.

Here are five things you can do to establish a consistent and memorable brand on social.

First, we’ll begin by exploring which platforms make the most sense for your business.

Which Platforms and Why

In order to succeed in the social media universe, you need to establish your brand on the platforms that make the most sense for your market. Start by considering your audience and which platforms they spend their time on. If you’re just starting out, select one to three platforms where you’re ready to invest time:

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

  • Instagram

Snapchat, Periscope,, Quora and more are helpful additions, but when you’re starting out, we suggest trying to tackle social media’s “Big 5” first.

Take our word for it—it’ll be more work than you think. Start out small and once you’ve found success on a couple of channels you can start to leverage others, if it makes sense.

Consistent Message & Naming suggests completing these fields before you publish any of your profiles:

  • Profile Picture.

    This should be square, recent, clear, and with good lighting. This is where you could put your logo or brand icon

  • Profile Banner.

    This is extra real estate on you profile, use it to showcase your company and product. The image should be high resolution and of excellent quality.

  • About Me Blurb.

    You might be inclined to try and fit in every detail about your company here—don’t. A short summary, some bullets, and where visitors can find more information is enough.

  • Website.

    Don’t forget to include this and make sure you’re pointing to an active page on your company site.

For each platform, your business will have a “handle.” Try to maintain the same name across all social profiles, if possible. If it’s not possible because your name has been taken, just try to stay as close and consistent to your brand as possible.

Have multiple website domains? What about phone numbers? Social media isn’t the place for inconsistencies and it IS the place to help people find your business. Keep things clear and provide any contact information you have. Don’t make your followers hunt you down.

Consistent Commitments

We recommend choosing a consistent time each week to post. For many of our clients, we publish two blog posts each week. This allows us to set clear expectations and deadlines for our posting calendar.It also ensures that your followers and customers hear from you when they expect to, which builds trust.  

K.I.S.S. Method

Something my retired Army father taught me in regards to writing and in life is the Army K.I.S.S. Method—aka the “Keep It Simple St*pid” Method.

He once told me that one of the highest officers he worked with while in the Army wrote the shortest sentences and did not have much education. You don’t have to be an amazing writer to write social posts—you just need to keep it simple.

We suggest you follow suit with your brand. I know, I know you are saying but I have so much to say all in one post how can I do this? Start by out what you think you’d want to say, then cut it down, and then cut it down again. Remove words that add fluff such as unnecessary adjectives like “really” or “very” or fluff that confuses the message.  

Your posts, like your brand, should be unique, and ideally should share your unique insight. Don’t bog down your feed with complex, over-written posts.

Use Software to Manage Your Profiles

There are so many tools available to help you organize and monitor your social channels.

Rather than spend hours digging for relevant content to share, consider using Swayy or Nuzzel to discover news stories that are relevant to your followers. Not sure who you should follow? Tools like TwitNerd take all of the guesswork out by providing a 'Follow by Keyword' feature that allows you to input any keyword or phrase, related to your business, to identify Twitter influencers to follow.

Carving out time for social media marketing is a challenge, but it's worth the effort and the investment. Nielsen reports that 33 percent of consumers prefer to contact companies via social media rather than by phone. If you're not on social media, you're likely missing customers.

Make time for social media.

Tori Stitt