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Persuasive Storytelling to Boost Your Brand

In this week's roundup we explore storytelling frameworks with Kyle Gray, learn the nine steps for successful revenue operations, strategize on building sustainable links, and map out the best times to post on different social networks. 

How to Use Storytelling Frameworks to Create More Persuasive Content with Best-Selling Author Kyle Gray

How are you supposed to know exactly what your audience needs and when? Best-selling author and entrepreneur, Kyle Gray, lays out the framework to make your target audience know, like, and trust your brand.


Marketing Technology Planning Guide: 9 Steps for Successful Revenue Operations

The marketing experts at Heinz Marketing put together the nine steps you need for successful revenue operations. Follow these steps to plan marketing technology strategy that drives revenue and customer engagement.


Sustainable Link Building: Increasing Your Chances of Getting Links

The SEO experts over at SEOMoz walk us through building sustainable links. Watch this short video to brush up your skills and get more eyeballs on your site.


The Best Times To Post On Social (Research), LinkedIn Launches Video Ads, GIPHY Marketing, & More!

The social gurus at Buffer summarize the best times to post on different social networks, review updates on LinkedIn video and give us the lowdown on GIPHY. Tune in to stay on top of the rapidly changing world of social media.


Andrea Steffes-Tuttle