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In Celebration of Women's History Month: Voices that Inspire Me

I've been devouring podcasts lately and many of them are hosted and/or produced by inspiring women. Two of my favorites are Nora McInerny of Terrible Thanks for Asking and Hillary Kerr of Second Life. Both of these women share their personal experiences and use them to help others tackle life and/or career ambitions.

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Not only does Nora Host her own successful podcast, but she wrote a popular memoir and has new books coming out in March AND April. She also founded the non-profit, Still Kickin, which helps people in hard times with financial grants, and puts on live fundraising and podcast related events. Nora’s creativity and drive is a product of the enormous and painful challenges she has faced. She lost both her dad and her husband to cancer and had a miscarriage all within a matter of weeks. She shares her and others’ stories who have faced and lived through tragedies and has built support communities for those going through tough times. I love how she isn’t afraid to show the good, the bad, and the ugly and I know her honesty makes her work even more impactful.


Fashion journalist turned Clique Media co-founder, Hillary Kerr knows that career paths are not always straight and narrow. With six digital properties, three published books, and collabs with Target, Kerr has a pulse on a digital audience that spans from Gen Z to millennials. Her podcast, Second Life is a series of interviews with successful women who’ve made major career pivots. Beyond inspiring career paths, Hillary and her interviewees share wisdom and advice they’ve learned along the way. Learning about other women’s paths, including numerous struggles and triumphs, always gives me motivation to push a little harder.

(Not to mention, both of these women balance impressive careers while raising a family!)

Susan Evans