Think Better Marketing

Compli Beverage

Case Study

 Building an industry leader.

The beverage alcohol industry is highly regulated. So much so that the task of managing compliance is often too much for suppliers to take on internally. That’s where Compli Beverage comes in. Compli acts as an outsourced partner that does everything from maintaining licenses, registering products, filing tax reports, and more.

It’s a real burden for alcohol suppliers to do compliance if they are operating in multiple states, all with different rules. Compli becomes their outsourced compliance partner. We deal with everything they need to stay compliant.
— Jeff Carroll, Compli Chief Product Officer

What really sets Compli apart is their unique balance of software and services. Their proprietary software, eCompli, pairs with a team of compliance professionals.


The Challenge:

Compli was founded in 1997 and got by on word-of-mouth referrals for decades. Their marketing was minimal. They had a website and a blog, but no real content plan or marketing team. When Jeff Carroll, Chief Product Officer,  was brought on board, he knew that they needed marketing help and went searching for a solution.

Part of my position was to be responsible for marketing but we had no team. Plus I was juggling several other departments. I needed help.

The Solution:

Jeff knew that he couldn’t tackle marketing for Compli alone so he went looking for a solution.

I went to an event and saw Think Better present about marketing strategy and their tangible approach really stuck out. I brought them on board to help with a project.

To test the waters, Compli brought on Think Better to execute a one-time project. Throughout this project, Think Better supported everything from overall strategy to PR outreach, email marketing, and social strategy. After the project was over, Compli kept Think Better on board as their “outsourced marketing team.”

Think Better has excellent experience and they are a good mix of strategy and tactics. I can call them up to brainstorm about a marketing approach and they are exceptional at executing tactically. It’s a great combo. I would imagine that that’s probably rare for agencies.

Think Better got busy building a marketing foundation for Compli. They converted the blog into a user-friendly WordPress site, got their email marketing process up and rolling, and made basic changes to the website that made a huge difference without having to do a complete overhaul.

I really appreciate where we are versus where we were without a ton of effort on our part. I noticed a huge lift in traffic and a lot more leads from the calls-to-action. With Think Better’s help, we established ourselves in the industry. Before people hadn’t heard of us, now we are well-known.

Not only were Think Better’s efforts visible to Compli’s audience, but their efforts also made a big impact internally. The changes that Think Better made empowered the Compli team to more easily participate in marketing efforts and reap the benefits of increased leads.