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Podcast: Account-Based Marketing for Better Results

At Think Better, we’re all huge fan of podcasts so we were excited when Amy Metherell, host of Inbound Back Office, invited Think Better founder, Andrea Steffes-Tuttle, to be a guest on her podcast. They got together to talk about a topic that we have a lot of experience in; account-based marketing.  

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Susan Evans
Three Constants in Company Culture

A common business truth that I’ve witnessed is that companies that embrace who they are, have the most satisfied employees and the happiest customers.

Key to brand building is being true to your company and your culture. What is inside your company, shows up outside. You’re not fooling anyone when you try to be something or someone you’re not.

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An Evolution in B2B Marketing

As marketers in B2B have embraced the Inbound methodology, the funnel has been a standard framework that sales and marketing organization have operated within. The funnel has become a triaging tool to manage prospects and has incited cries all over the world for “more leads!” But the funnel is ultimately broken.

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