Think Better Marketing


Case Study

Working from the foundation up.

Born out of a need to modernize their niche in the beverage alcohol space, Chris Towt and Jamison Morrow founded VineSpring in 2010. They started off helping smaller businesses but have been able to support larger wineries and breweries as they have developed more innovative solutions.

Our aim was to help wineries and breweries sell direct-to-consumer in better and simpler ways. Now our team has grown to 13 people and we serve over 400 wineries and breweries today.
— VineSpring Co-Founder Chris Towt
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The Challenge

As VineSpring grew, Towt and Morrow knew that they needed a marketing strategy but didn’t have the capacity or expertise.

We were working on building the best software that we could and relying on word-of-mouth from our current clients and community.

Word-of-mouth worked in the beginning since VineSpring had a good product and their loyal customers were happy to recommend them in the tight-knit beverage alcohol industry. But, client recommendations could only get them so far. The young team was excellent at building relationships but needed to expand and were struggling to present a uniform brand message that truly communicated their value. VineSpring needed an outsourced marketing team that could refine their message, lay the marketing groundwork, kick it off, and manage a wide range of day-to-day marketing activities.

We needed help formulating our message in a palatable way and getting it out to the right leads. Our website was due for a redesign, our various channels needed to be connected, and we needed to identify and implement a CRM. We also wanted a partner that could embody the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and was familiar with our industry.

The Solution

VineSpring brought in Think Better in 2016. The Think Better team quickly got to work on mapping out how to reposition VineSpring as a leader in their industry.

Think Better developed a comprehensive marketing strategy and created a sales pipeline to connect information from various sources in a truly effective way. They also had a great knowledge of the industry and were role models in the EOS process.

As part of the marketing and sales strategy, Think Better identified and implemented the HubSpot CRM and marketing automation platform, established automated workflows to engage leads and customers, launched a blog, and managed social channels. Once these new processes and systems were in place, VineSpring saw an increase in engagement and sales with less stress on their team.

Think Better helped with the message, technology, and sales pipeline to empower our salespeople to do their job better, and our support team to have a CRM that they can turn to give our customers the best experience possible.

The Think Better team was folded into the VineSpring structure.

They’re part of the team and bring a great depth of knowledge. They’ve established VineSpring as a thought leader in our industry and transformed our tradeshow presence.

A few years ago, before Think Better entered the picture, VineSpring started to attend more tradeshows in an attempt to extend their reach. Without the dedicated time to establish a marketing and sales strategy for the events, they’d show up practically empty-handed. With Think Better driving the marketing machine, they now have a professional looking booth that looks professional, a tradeshow marketing and sales plan, collateral to hand to prospective customers, and a schedule full of events, networking, and speaking opportunities.

Tradeshow set up before Think Better

Tradeshow set up before Think Better

Tradeshow bliss after Think Better

Tradeshow bliss after Think Better

We have a great product and fantastic people and Think Better has been able to put a face on VineSpring from a technology perspective. Now our blog, our website, and our messages are all geared toward the right audience. People view VineSpring as true professionals before they even talk to us because of the work that Think Better has done.